Play with Pro Musicians with TrueFire

Musicians Can Play Along with the Pros with TrueFire's In The Jam

Keyboardists, drummers, bassists and guitarists can now have a chance to jam with Robben Ford with TrueFire's multi-track video jam software, In The Jam. The legendary guitarist invites musicians to join him and his band in the studio. From the comfort of their own home, players can join these “live” sessions. Musicians can mute whatever instrument track they prefer and jump on in—they can even fill in for Robben. The multi-track video jams are pre-recorded, pre-loaded, and ready to go through TrueFire’s In The Jam downloadable software for Windows and Mac computers.

On Oct. 27, 2013 Ford gathered several musicians in one of Nashville’s premier recording studios to lay down the tracks for his album, A Day in Nashville. He was joined by Audley Freed on rhythm guitar, Brian Allen on bass, Wes Little on drums, Barry Green on trombone and Ricky Peterson on B3 organ. Ford led his all-star band through nine bluesy, soulful tunes before heading to Nashville’s House of Blues studio. There, he and co-producer Rick Wheeler laid down vocals and guitar tracks for each of the songs. True to its name, the album was completed in a day; however, the journey didn’t end there. Ford headed down to TrueFire’s studios to record all-new rhythm and lead parts for the songs, all with close-up views of his performance.

In total, there are more than six hours of multi-angle video tracks to choose from, along with all the separate audio tracks to mix. “What’s really cool about the In The Jam software is that you can mute or solo any instrument. So if you’re interested in my rhythm part, or even the drum part, you can solo it up, listen to it and learn it. Or you can take it out and you can play rhythm along with my lead part, or mute the drum, keyboards or bass tracks and play those parts with the band.” says Ford. “No matter what instrument you play, there’s a place for you in the band even if you’re a vocalist.”

While at TrueFire studios, Ford recorded a commentary track for each of his new performances. He takes users through everything he plays, the inspirations behind his playing and why he chooses certain chord voicing. Guitar tabs and notations, along with lead sheets, accompany the commentary. In addition, Ford also filmed new lead and rhythm guitar parts for each tune doubling the educational value for guitarists.

From start to finish and fully behind the scenes, TrueFire’s In The Jam platform is an opportunity for musicians of various backgrounds to witness the creative process in a comprehensive, professional format.

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