Alan Parsons teaching Recording Master Class

Alan Parsons Teaching Recording Master Class

Renowned engineer, producer, artist and educator Alan Parsons continues his Master Class Training Sessions at Orb Studios in Austin, TX on Nov. 15 with local rock singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Casey McPherson as the recording artist.

The Austin master class is the latest of similar events held at Abbey Road, London, The Village in Los Angeles, Studio At The Palms in Las Vegas and Ocean Way in Nashville, where attendees pick up tips, tricks and insights into recording by actually getting to make a record with the Multiplatinum producer and engineer.

Artist McPherson came to prominence fronting the prog rock super group Flying Colors, alongside Steve Morse, Mike Portnoy and Dave LaRue. McPherson also runs his own alternative rock band Alpha Rev, whose debut album produced by Grammy Winner David Kahne achieved chart success in 2011.

The Austin master class looks at a range of classic rock instrumentation and techniques with guitars (Zak Loy and Wes Ardis), bass (Robin Mordecai), Hammond, Rhodes and vocals but also ventures into less traveled waters at the hands of drummer and master percussionist Tabber Miller who’ll also be employing Wavedrum and several tribal percussion instruments. The session will also feature violin from Brian Batch.

Attendees will be part of the whole day’s work from micing the live tracking session to instrumental overdubs, vocal recording, processing, to an initial mix that will be provided to attendees at the end.

In addition, Alan Parsons is now offering the chance for attendees also going to his concert at the Paramount Theater in Austin on Nov. 17 to come to the sound check and hear a brief talk from himself and Alan Parsons Live Project F.O.H. engineer, Ross Pallone.

For more information and contest, visit artandscienceofsound.com/mcts/austin.