Close Up: Musicians Institute

Forging a One-of-a-Kind Musical Culture For 37 Years: Founded in 1977 and located in the heart of Hollywood, Musicians Institute (MI) is a college of contemporary music built on the idea that musicians should teach—and learn from—other musicians in a creative, supportive environment. Offering certificate and non-certificate programs in addition to Associate of Arts and Bachelor’s Degrees, this unique college offers a complete education in every aspect of the music industry—including instrumental performance (bass, drums, guitar, vocals, keyboard technology), composing for video games, audio engineering, guitar building, music business and training in the latest technology.


One Foot in the Real World: Through real-world experience and guidance from working professionals, students can earn a variety of degrees and certificates, while taking advantage of networking opportunities at its state-of-the-art Los Angeles campus. The school offers 24/7 access to Hollywood facilities, networking with successful students and graduates, practical applications of various musical styles, genres, and concepts and cross-cultural interaction with students from around the world. Each department boasts a number of widely respected instructors who are able to impart to students practical information earned in professional careers.

Strategies for Success: Beyond mastery of their chosen instrument or craft, students learn how to develop thriving careers, starting with the conducting of mock interviews and including instruction on creating compelling websites, marketing tools, integrated marketing campaigns, choosing the right agents and attorneys, how to audition successfully, creating a great resume, social media and many other tools to help students thrive in the changing industry landscape.

What Makes MI Different: “MI doesn’t offer conceptual degrees,” says Director of Marketing Jessica Sullivan, “but a rigorous course load that includes hands-on real-world experience to prepare our students for life in the industry. Most major colleges and universities think their job is done when they give you your degree. Our job at MI is not done until you achieve your dream.”

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