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Focusrite Gifts Plug-in Members an Effect by Nugen Audio

From Jan. 16 to March 5, members of Focusrite’s Plug-in Collective community can download Nugen Audio’s Monofilter Elements plug-in for free, and get a £100 discount in the Nugen Audio e-store*.

Monofilter Elements solidifies your bottom end by ‘mono-izing’ the low frequencies in the input signal without affecting the rest of the spectrum. Center low-frequency content within a full mix for phase coherence and maximum impact on mono playback systems, tighten up individual stereo bass tracks, counteract low-end-muddying stereo effects, and more.

The Monofilter Algorithm slider works like a depth control, progressively narrowing the low frequencies and raising the cutoff point below which the mono-izing occurs, while the Trim control enables attenuation or boosting of the mono portion by up to 10dB, and a sweepable high-pass filter shaves off everything below 20-349Hz. Add in a ‘quick start’ preset library, A/B comparison, a stereo differential spectrum analyzer, and you have a mixing and mastering utility for any producer or engineer.

Key features:

  • Bring power and clarity to low frequencies without affecting the rest of the mix
  • Control the depth of mono-izing for total precision
  • High-pass filter onboard, sweepable 20-349Hz
  • Boost or attenuate the mono-ized portion of the signal by up to 10dB
  • Stereo differential spectrum analyzer
  • A/B switching for comparison of two complete parameter states
  • ‘Quickstart’ preset library
  • Undo/redo
  • VST, VST3, Audio Units and AAX plugin formats

Not only that, but by logging into their Focusrite account during the same period, Plug-in Collective members can also take advantage of a £100 discount on a wide range of versatile pro-quality music production tools in the Nugen Audio e-store*.

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*Value of transaction must exceed $100