Musician-Owned Onyx record press opens in L.A.

Onyx Record Press, a newly opened vinyl pressing located in Arcadia, Calif., has opened their doors with a focus on the independent musician.

“We wanted to directly cater to the independent community of musicians and labels, giving them the means to manufacture vinyl,” explains co-owner, DJ/producer Moe Espinosa, who under the Drumcell moniker, is credited with reviving techno in Los Angeles and Vice dubbed “a hometown hero.” “It’s one of the best ways to connect listeners to music, because there’s nothing like a tangible physical record.”

“As an independent artist and label owner, I’ve faced the problems that so many of my friends and colleagues have faced: how to get vinyl made when so many plants ask for high minimums, or the unrealistic wait times that were over a year while we waited for multi-platinum artists to finish their vinyl runs across dozens of plants,” adds Surachai Sutthisasanakul.

Onyx is the creation of Espinosa, Sutthisasanakul (who uses the mononym of Surachai for his ambient-industrial albums), Cyrus Makarechian (a.k.a. cyrusrex, a member of the band Black Line who has merged his musical origins with tech), and Gil Tamazyan.  Tamazyan, known for his work at Capsule Labs and his lengthy production career, has served as a vinyl expert for CNN, oversaw the build out for Onyx Record Press.

“I feel like everything I’ve done in my career prepared me for Onyx,” Tamazyan shares. “I was able to learn the technical side, running and repairing the equipment. Right now is a good time to be in vinyl, but I’ve always loved it.”

Tamazyan personally curated the 9,000 square foot , state-of-the-art facility, which features Phoenix Alpha AD12 machines, the latest in vinyl automation and newest technology available for pressing vinyl.

“I’ve always loved music,” notes Makarechian. “I’ve collected and listened to vinyl forever. Given the need for a

manufacturing alternative, we have an opportunity to really democratize the industry by giving independent artists access to making their own vinyl.”

Onyx Record Press is located at 11728 Goldring Road, Suite A in Arcadia, Calif.