Music Connection to Appear in Filmed Series "All You Need Is Me"

Currently being edited in London and Paris for a 2017 launch is the series All You Need Is Me. It's a New Media mobile series filmed in Los Angeles about a mid-20’s British band who comes to L.A. in search of musical stardom. Part of their rise includes their faces appearing on a magazine cover and the series' producers requested to use Music Connection as the magazine. Says Production Supervisor Cory Myler, "We’ve been considering using mock-up/fake industry magazines but feel that being able to use Music Connection will help give the story added grounding and authenticity." We couldn't agree more.

All You Need Is Me features Music Connection

All You Need Is Me is produced by Noel Gallagher of Oasis and Scott Rodger of Maverick. It is directed by Simon Aboud, son-in-law of Paul McCartney, and the writer is Simon Halfon, designer of famous album covers for Paul Weller/Style Council, the Who and John Lennon. The cast are a group of up-and-coming actors and the story will be populated with numerous music and entertainment figures including George Michael, James Corden and many others still to be announced.