JPNSGRLS - Divorce - Music Album Review

Music Album Review: JPNSGRLS - "Divorce" (8/10)

It makes sense a group boasting a title like JPNSGRLS (pronounced “Japanese Girls”) would pen songs thick with perplexing, coded lyrics. Their vocal sentiments, when not overtly personal, feel like they were assembled via fortune cookies that fell from space. Furthermore, this guitar-centric Vancouver quartet comes loaded for bear, their songs brimming with barbed hooks and a comically tinged sense of danger. But instead of concluding with a bang, Divorce is frontloaded with its best material. Regardless, every slice shines with attitude and fizz, making this the perfect soundtrack for a Sunday stroll through the ‘burbs, concealed flask in tow.

Score: 8 out of 10

Light Organ Records
Producer: Dave Shiffman