El Perro Del Mar "Kokoro" music album review

Music Album Review: El Perro Del Mar - "Kokoro" (8/10)

Kokoro is absolutely worth a listen, and El Perro Del Mar is absolutely one to watch. The female Swedish pop artist forays into
 world music, with Chinese zither, various
 Asian flutes, Arabic strings and dulcimer. 
(But of course she DOES sing in English;
 hey, that’s the international language of

The frequently introspective songs are 
not overly complex lyrically, but the appeal 
is the fascinating soundscapes generated in the keyboard and drum-heavy music. Many of these songs could be placed in the context of Peter Gabriel’s world music pastiches, although hers are much more lilting, with her playful attitude and little-girl-style voice.

Score: 8 out of 10

El Perro Del Mar
The Control Group
Producer: El Perro Del Mar & Jacob Haage