Vaeda Black

Muddy Paw PR Signs Vaeda Black

Muddy Paw PR has announced the signing of Vaeda Black, who will release her debut single this month. Born into an artistic family, the New York-based singer-songwriter honed her vocal abilities in musical theater, where she had the opportunity to play iconic roles and experiment with poetic writing.

Quickly developing a passion for songwriting, her belief in the power of honesty and staying true to oneself continues to inform her music. She now draws from a profound well of emotion that, along with her stirring and soulful vocals, allows her to relate to her audience while effectively communicating her message. “I feel like honesty in the words makes my music relatable,” she says, “so I would never write any lyrics that I didn’t feel strongly about.”

Black is currently rehearsing for her live shows and is working with an array of songwriters and producers to create her forthcoming EP, which is scheduled to drop in early 2018.

Black will release her new single "Face Down" on Nov. 17.

For more, visit vaedablack.com