Roc Nation and art collective MSFTSrep have announced a joint partnership.  Roc Nation will work closely with the label arm of MSFTSrep, MSFTS Music, which includes artists Jaden Smith, Willow Smith and Harry Hudson. The partnership will debut with new music and content from all three artists with Jaden releasing two songs today.

On MSFTSrep joining Roc Nation, Jay Brown, CEO, says, "The mission behind MSFTS Music is inspiring. Jaden, Willow and Harry are embracing their individuality and turning it into art. MSFTS Music promotes and believes in freedom of expression and Roc Nation is proud to support and promote that message.”

MSFTSrep is a art collective and lifestyle brand that encompasses music, fashion, education and more. The larger MSFTS collective is set on pushing the boundaries of the unknown and creating a world where free-flowing expression, personal growth and individuality are encouraged and celebrated. Roc Nation will help amplify their mission.

"The collaboration between Roc Nation and MSFTS Music is empowering for the youth and flat out legendary.  Having the support of Roc Nation to get our music to the masses and change culture is a dream come true and a blessing. For My Republic I Stand MSFTS Over All, Thank You," Jaden Smith said on the partnership.