Live Review: Mr. Elevator at the Echo in Los Angeles, CA

Material: Simple, short, synthetic, an ominous instrumental introduction set the tone for a night of psychedelic distortion. With a steady set-list, the rapid yet smooth track-to-track transitions worked well because of each song’s unique sound. With a newly released album, When the Morning Greets You, Mr. Elevator played a handful of new songs along with a few oldies. A notable favorite included “Sunshine Daydream,” a lullaby-esque tune with vibrant instrumentation and lyrics that painted a portrait of a “girl with summer hair.”

Musicianship: Almost unorthodox, there was not a single guitar on stage, but rather three different operating synths, a drum kit, a bass and an organ. What lacked in guitar was made up for with a Hammond organ.

Each individual performer contributed successfully to an overall image of pristine and cohesive musical coordination, whether in vocals that flowed along grainy sounds of the organ, or a drum groove that paralleled a powerful bassline. A solid instrumental dynamic made for hard crescendos and soft diminuendos.

Performance: In low pink, blue and yellow lighting, a fog lingered across the stage. Though a mysterious ambience loomed, Mr. Elevator’s performance picked up a quick pace, their energetic jam session matching that of a dancing crowd. Lead singer Tomas Dolas exceeded expectations in lyric delivery, telling a story through mellow vocals contrasted by rough synths.

With the lowering of a disco ball that reflected purple lights, special guest Mac DeMarco came out to cover Doobie Brothers classic, “What A Fool Believes” with Mr. Elevator and opener, Drug Dealer. Audience members reacted to this performance positively, with endless dancing and a concert-goer front-flipping off the stage.

Summary: Mr. Elevator deliver a traditional psychedelic sound that is, in comparison to their contemporaries, unique and unlike other bands today. Their personable, sincere and energetic stage presence, together with an alluring, eye-catching visual presentation, make Mr. Elevator a thoroughly satisfying live experience.

The Players: Tomas Dolas, synth, organ, lead vocals; Dan Quintanilla, bass; Jesse Connelly, drums; John Tatelman, synth, vocals; Evan Bisbee, synth, vocals.

Venue: The Echo
City: Los Angeles, CA
Contact: [email protected]
Web: facebook.com/thebrainhotel