Moises.ai Kickstarts Academic Partnership With Berklee Online

As a leader in AI technology for music learning and production, Moises.ai is expanding opportunities for student growth and innovation through their latest partnership with Berklee Online, the online extension of Berklee College of Music, one of the most prestigious music institutions in the world.

Moises.ai is the complementary AI app for musicians, with technology designed to support artists and producers throughout their creative process. Moises.ai’s technology works alongside users to remove or isolate vocals and instruments in any song, transcribe lyrics, adjust the speed of a song or change the pitch, detect keys or chords, and enable metronome counts. Artists can separate vocals, drums, bass, and other instruments from any song and play along with their favorite artists.

Berklee Online professors will be able to integrate a unique widget featuring Moises.ai's advanced AI Music Player directly into their online classes. With this, Berklee Online's students will be able to access the latest AI technology in music production and analysis, and enhance their music learning experience. In addition, Moises.ai will be offering its services at discounted rates to Berklee Online's student body.

Armed with all these capabilities, Berklee students can enhance their music practice and education experiences, while familiarizing themselves with new AI technology and helping to contribute to future innovations in the space. This ongoing collaboration has paved the way for a dynamic and impactful partnership between the two organizations, demonstrating the value of combining Moises.ai's cutting-edge technology with Berklee's esteemed educational expertise in shaping the future of music production and education.

"Partnering with Berklee Online is a fantastic opportunity for us to showcase how complementary AI technology can assist the next generation of musicians," said Moises.ai's CEO Geraldo Ramos. "AI technology is finding its way into the lives of musicians all over the world. Our ability to partner with such a prestigious institution to enable students to learn and leverage new tech capabilities is a true honor for the Moises team."

This partnership further amplifies Moises’ commitment and support of the expansion of the music education sector and reputation as a leader in the AI music space. As part of educational partnerships, the Moises.ai team listens to feedback from students and faculty, and offers support when needed to evolve the platform to fit the changing needs of the new generation of music producers.

The partnership between Moises.ai and Berklee Online has been nurtured by strong relationships that have significantly influenced Moises and its product development. Renowned Berklee professors such as Daniel Morris actively advocate for the use of Moises.ai in the educational setting. Morris, a respected bass professor at Berklee College of Music, has been working closely with the Moises.ai product team, providing valuable insights and suggestions that have contributed to the platform's evolution.

"Mosies.ai has changed the landscape of music pedagogy forever. The App and its functionality complement what we do as teachers; I use it everyday in the classroom both online and here on campus,” says Professor Daniel “Mo” Morris. “Students around the world are now able to discover and experience music as a language in a profound new way. I'm so delighted that Moises and Berklee are working together! It's like a dream come true." 

Widespread usage and positive feedback from the Berklee community has played a vital role in the natural evolution of the partnership, highlighting the platform's value and potential in the music education landscape. With this new partnership, Moises.ai is poised to expand its reach into the education sector and position itself as the go-to solution for AI-powered music practice and production.

Daniel Morris will be demonstrating Moises.ai at Berklee Onsite 2023 June 3rd at 9AM in Boston. Morris will show attendees how to get acquainted with Moises. “It's great for students, and we are all students!” adds Morris.

About Moises

Based in the US and Brazil, Moises is the musicians app that turns AI into real tools to make better music and audio. Founded by Geraldo Ramos, Eddie Hsu, and Jardson Almeida, three music loving tech innovators from Northeastern Brazil, Moises researches how music and AI can play together and how AI can best serve music makers of all levels. With a wide range of carefully crafted, ethically trained features, Moises strives to empower creative potential and democratize advanced music tools previously only available to audio professionals. It has become a go-to part of many musicians’ learning, composing, and mixing process. Learn more at moises.ai.