Mindfulness & Music: Deep Listening

An opportunity to join Olbrich and Holtaway for an exploration of the rich field of mindfulness, music/sound and creative expression - everyone welcome! THE SOURCE OF CREATIVITY - how do creative impulses arise? What nurtures and supports them, helps them grow and develop into a piece/poem/picture/song/creative offering? You are invited to touch your creative source/heart - relaxing, grounding, touching openness and receptivity, becoming curious what emerges. Guided meditations in stillness and movement offer space to slow down, rest, revive and become fully present. Deep Listening practices by Pauline Oliveros and others helps us ground ourselves in our listening body and in our connection with the Earth. We sound and create together, using our voices and instruments you bring in ways that feel natural and spontaneous. You are invited to engage as much or as little as your energy allows - resting and listening are always options, too. Everyone is welcome to join, whether you have a musical background or not. Four levels of pricing are available, please choose the one that's right for your circumstances. Your generosity is greatly appreciated and is supporting Joe's and Susanne's work. A percentage will be donated to the Choose Earth charity, a Choose Love campaign standing with Brazilian indigenous leaders. If you need a further reduction please contact us.

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