Metal Blade signs Visigoth from Salt Lake City

visigoth-2014Metal Blade Records has announced the signing of Salt Lake City natives Visigoth. The traditional metal act has been blazing a path through the metal underground since their inception in 2010. The release of their "Vengeance" demo in 2010, and the "Final Spell" EP in 2012 earned the band praise from throughout the underground scene in North America and Europe. The band has entered Boar's Nest Studios to record their full-length debut with Andy Patterson. New album news will be made available soon, and until then, fans can see Visigoth live at select shows in April, May and June. Confirmed shows are listed below, as well as on facebook.com/visigothofficial.


04/03 Kansas City, MO Vadal's with Vanlade
04/05 Chicagol, IL Reggie's Rock Club - Ragnarökkr Metal Apocalypse Festival
04/25 Salt Lake City, UT Lo-Fi Café w/ Disforia, Sonic Prophecy, Helvetiva Scenario
05/15 Salt Lake City, UT TBA w/ Mount Salem
06/4-7 Salt Lake City, UK CrucialFest 4