Close Up: Maor Appelbaum Mastering

Maor AppelbaumOver 20 Years of International Audio Experience: For Maor Appelbaum, who launched his thriving one-man mastering suite in Los Angeles in 2008, being a mastering engineer is the perfect way to combine his passion for music with his vast technical expertise and artistic skills. Before moving from his native Israel to California, he worked for many years in a variety of positions in the audio field. Trained in various forms of engineering, his first long-term gig in the U.S. was as a staff engineer (mixing, recording and mastering) for renowned producer Sylvia Massy Shivy at Radiostar Studios in Northern California.

From Platinum to Indie Artists: In addition to his hands-on, highly personalized approach to working with artists and producers, Appelbaum draws on a broad scope of work with many international performers and a multitude of styles, territories and aesthetics to bring an objective, fresh perspective to each project. Over the years, he has mastered recordings for Yes, Faith No More, Limp Bizkit, Halford, William Shatner, Fates Warning, Walter Trout, Yngwie Malmsteen, Ill Nino, Eric Gales, Dokken, Nekromantix, Marco Mendoza, Lita Ford, Sepultura and Armored Saint. Appelbaum has also worked with top producers and mixers including Sylvia Massy, Mike Clink, Matt Wallace, Bob Horn, Ulrich Wild, Billy Sher- wood, Toby Wright and Roy Z. In addition to these high profile names, Appelbaum has helped many up-and-coming independent artists who appreciate his attention to detail, approachability, ongoing communication about their projects and affordability. Appelbaum is open to attended or unattended sessions.

State of the Art: Appelbaum’s studio is equipped with an expansive array of Analog Tube, Solid State, Digital External Processors and a powerful monitoring system to offer a wide range of highly detailed sonic possibilities—from lush and intimate tones to tight and punchy high impact sounds. As he colors and sculpts sounds in different ways, he also allows for great transparency. “I am committed to satisfying the client’s sonic needs,” he says. “I will go the extra mile to accomplish this. I’m there to help every project sound more convincing and inviting to the listener and bring them a better listening experience.”