Mandolin Launches All-in-One Fan Data Platform

Mandolin, the digital fan engagement platform has launched two new products - Fan Navigator and Mandolin Fan Pages - that will help artists break free from walled gardens, meeting each fan where they are and maximizing revenue opportunities both on and offline.

Mandolin launched in 2020 to help artists build direct relationships with their fans and capture data through digital experiences. Voted Pollstar’s Best Live Streaming Platform out the gate, Mandolin played an instrumental role in helping livestreams become more mainstream. But Mandolin knew livestreaming to be just the tip of the spear when it came to an artist’s digital strategy and ability to harness digital experiences to engage fans, deepen relationships and collect data. Enter Fan Pages and Fan Navigator, their next evolution in empowering artists to take full control of their data through digital experiences, data ownership and know how - increasing fandom and driving revenue.

Fan Navigator is an all-in-one solution that unifies and enriches an artist’s data so they can truly know their fans; understanding them down to the individual with unique Fan Profiles and as actionable segments grouped via machine learning that predict level of fandom. The included dynamic playbooks give artists tailored marketing recommendations to activate each fan on their road to superfandom—all with data fully owned and accessible by the artist.

The integration with Chartmetric makes Fan Navigator the most powerful data dashboard available in the Industry. By combining Chartmetric’s streaming and social stats with Fan Navigator’s individual fan data, artists have an unprecedented view of their fan universe - helping them understand how individual fans level up to aggregate metrics. 

‘We’re delighted that Fan Navigator is providing even more artists with instant access to essential insight and helping them make decisions that will allow them to expand and building stronger relationships with their audiences” said Chaz Jenkins, Chief Commercial Officer, Chartmetric.

With the launch of Fan Navigator, Mandolin is centering engagement-driving digital experiences and mechanisms to collect and activate fan data for the first time in the music industry. The result is that artists will be able to expertly break through the noise to connect with an increasingly digital-first audience to grow fandom and drive revenue.  

Fan Pages are the artist’s branded epicenter for fan engagement. A link in bio on steroids, Fan Pages replace boring rows of link boxes with rich media embeds, tour and merch store integrations, and survey and follower gates that reward the most loyal fans and de-anonymize passive fans.

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