Video of the Week: Boy Bye, Says Chlöe

Pop-R&B songstress Chlöe has released new single and video "Boy Bye" just prior to her debut solo performances at Coachella (she has performed there with her sister as Chloe x Halle).

The video seems to be taking place on an RV park of some sort, with Chlöe emerging from a mobile home apparently upset with her man. "If we're being honest it was never my fault, you just gave a little while I gave you my all," she sings. Ouch!

She's sick of his apologies, and she and her friends can be seen getting all of his stuff together as she throws him out. A few plaid shirts end up on the grill. He's dunzo!

Somehow, she shows up at a piano in a wedding dress towards the end. She's still pissed though. "You stupid motherfucker," she exclaims.

In a statement about the song, Chlöe says, “‘Boy Bye’ is an anthem for anyone who needs to get rid of someone toxic and draining from their life. It’s liberating and free. That’s how it feels to finally let go of dead weight that’s been keeping you down. Instead of being sad about releasing what’s not good for me, I celebrate it.”

Chlöe's "Boy Bye" is out now.

Photo courtesy of Winnie Lam.