Mackie Launches CR StealthBar

Meet CR StealthBar

Can’t fit traditional speakers on your computer desk but still want high-quality sound? CR StealthBar is built just for you.

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StealthBar delivers crystal-clear, punchy sound in a compact design that won't interrupt your workflow.
StealthBar features 3 tone presets, Music, Movie, and Game, that enhance your sound in unique ways. Tailor the perfect experience for you with the push of a button.
Aside from the convenient Bluetooth connectivity, Stealthbar also features USB connection for MAC/PC, 1/8" Stereo input, 1/8" Stereo output, swappable feet for height adjustment, and can pair with you CR8S-XBT subwoofer.
We've brought the much-loved legacy of our Creative Reference series to a form factor that's perfect for gaming, music, content creation, and so much more.

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