Livestream Review: Horsegirl

Livestream:  Chicago, IL

Contact: [email protected]

Web: Instagram @horsegirlmusic

Players: Penelope Lowenstein, guitar, vocals; Nora Cheng, guitar, vocals; Gigi Reece, drums

Material: Horsegirl is a trio comprised of the unconventional two guitars and a drummer lineup. The songs are very psychedelic and encompass a wide range of artists who they take inspiration from, including but not limited to: The Doors, The Runaways, Flock of Seagulls, Modern English and the ever-popular Depeche Mode. “Ballroom Dance Scene” is eerily weird but oh so likable, even at the onset of the performance.
    The songs seem to take you on journeys through dark streets, back alleys and seaside public restrooms as the girls flaunt their stuff and accompany you through this Alice-in-Wonderland-ish performance.

Musicianship: The musicianship is good. A few flubbed notes and missed cues add to the ambiance of the psychedelia of the songs. The guitars are laced with massive amounts of effects, but are eased of effects as the vocals and harmonies take over the songs. Reece is an excellent drummer. She pounds the skins with little regard to who is there or who is watching. The vocals are very low and hard to hear, and although the mumbling is annoying it worked for Horsegirl! It adds to the mood in a rough 'n' tumble sort of way.

Performance: The performance is a bit shy. There is some interaction with the audience, but it is minimal. Aside from that, the songs melt together as they are absorbed by your mind’s audio perception; gripping and captivating you, a la Led Zeppelin’s “The Song Remains The Same.” It really drives Horsegirl for the better; it keeps you interested, engaged and wanting to know what is next.

Summary: All Horsegirl’s songs are made up of melodic, sweet cake, filled with great harmonies and iced with psychedelia, which makes for a great combination. Songs like “Sealife Sandwich Boy” keep you on your toes and grooving to the beats, while “Forecast” has you wondering, “How do they get those sounds?” The harmonizing is exceptionally well placed and helps build each song with anticipation and thought-provoking interest. It added to the mystique of the songs and gave them a sense of glamor, charm and magical sustenance. What’s next, Horsegirl? We await in anticipation.