LIVE REVIEWS: Vincent and Theo

The Mint  Los Angeles, CA

Web: facebook.com

Contact: [email protected]

Players: David Schwartz, bass; Julian Coryell, vocals, guitar; Lucy Schwartz, vocals; Peter Adams, keys; Michael Jerome, drums 

Material: Vincent and Theo is a jazz quintet. A little bit of smooth jazz; a little bit of progressive jazz; a little bit of free jazz, and a whole lot of fun. The lyrics are playful and spirited but to the point and tell stories of deep substance that range from inner self-appreciation, to tech gadget takeovers. The lyrics are encompassed nicely within the music and together they make a perfect pair. 

Musicianship: Exceptional musicianship all around. The bass and drums were flawless throughout the night. David Schwartz is superbly solid on the bass, and together with Reed they make up a prodigious rhythm section that is brought to blazing light on “Junk Food Love.” The dynamics between these two had a ripple effect on the rest of the band. Goldings was exceptional on keys as was Coryell on guitar. They showed off their prowess to the audience on “Junk Food Love” and “Please Tell Me, God,” and they could do no wrong―all night.

Performance: Coryell is a fantastic frontman who likes to tell stories of how the songs came about and the circumstances surrounding each song. It made the songs that much more interesting. And, the unsung hero award goes to… Lucy Schwartz for outstanding vocals and fancy dancing. She shined with superb singing right from the start. Beginning with “Soul Smell” each song was better than the last as her vocals shined through the music and hit its peak on “Mother’s Day.” A great example of fantastic vocal dynamics The Mint has ever heard.

Summary: Classy, jazzy, and funny is the best way to describe Vincent and Theo. If you’re into progressive jazz (and even if you’re not), Vincent and Theo will tickle your funny bone and have you say, “Hey, that sounded pretty cool.” “Soul Smell,” “Vincent and Theo” and “Miracle of Love” give you comedic, mind-bending, lyrical ideas that make you think about the now, and contemplate the future. Check out the first Vincent and Theo album, Soul Smell, available now.