Live Review: Lily Lane

The Peppermint Club   Los Angeles, CA  

Contact: [email protected]  

Web: instagram.com/lilylane

Players: Lily Lane, vocals, Roland SPD-SX pad; Secily Anderson, guitar 

Material: East Coast to L.A. transplant Lily Lane is a vibrant singer who writes and co-produces music that blends retro-soul with modern pop and presents it with a hint of old-school Hollywood glamor. Lily’s live set showcases her strong, silky voice that combines elements of the classic Motown sound (“No More Tearstained Makeup”) with the sultry intonations and sheen of today’s mainstream melodies (“Don’t Start Now”).  Lyrically, Lily brings a contemporary slant to universal themes, including heartache, the resiliency of the human spirit, and the power of finding one’s true self.

Musicianship: Lily’s vocal technique is on par with some of today’s best-known hit makers (Dua Lipa, Demi Lovato). Her phrasing is excellent. She pushes and pulls her voice at the right moments, shaping it to create emotive tension. Lily’s vocal agility was in top form with brilliant runs in the smokey “I Get High” and “Nothin’ but Trouble,” as well as the bombastic “Bad” and “He Ain’t Sh*t.” Her live set includes backing vocal/track triggering (through a Roland SPD-SX) and guitarist Secily Anderson, who added suburb rhythmic accompaniment to Lily’s voice and provided a grounding element to the vibrant show.  

Performance: Dressed in bright red and black, Lily opened her set at the Peppermint Club with a power-packed punch proclaiming, “When I sing drink up, you follow with drink up twice!” The shout-out drew the audience closer to the stage, bringing them into Lily’s loveable lair for her first song, “Heartbreak Wine.” Lily’s set continued showcasing her dramatic voice on “Running Back to You” and “Best Thing.” Making sure to keep the audience involved, Lily rounded out her performance with a quick costume change, giving a nod to Taylor Swift (“For those who weren’t able to see The Eras

 Tour, you’re welcome”) before belting out her soulful “Queen of Hearts” and ending with the gorgeously powerful “Throne.”  

Summary: Lily understands the importance of presentation. She carefully crafted a throwback soul meets dark pop show to highlight the strength and depth of her voice, which shines best in person. Lily’s passion for her work and perfecting her voice, as well as her magnetic personality, make for a must-see when her name is up on the marquee. Look for her new single “Where Have You Been All My Life” on Spotify. – Megan Perry