FIX Audio and DCA Join Forces to Create Wolff Audio

Paul Wolff has teamed with visionary startup DCA (“digitally controlled analog”) to create a new legend in professional audio. Wolff Audio’s mission is to deliver audio tools with uncompromising performance and unprecedented control to inspire audio professionals at every level.

Paul Wolff has been at the forefront of audio innovation for more than four decades as the force behind legendary brands, including API, Tonelux, and Fix Audio Designs. His inspired designs have also contributed to breakthrough technologies for Steven Slate, A-Designs, Sunset Sound, and numerous more. Wolff has a well-earned reputation for sonic excellence and has long been regarded as the mad genius in residence for the world’s top audio professionals.

Founded in 2019, DCA is the brainchild of Jared Vogt, creator of TL Labs, one of the pioneering Pro Tools plug-ins manufacturers, acquired by Digidesign/Avid. DCA’s mission is to create “digitally controlled analog” hardware, and the company is dedicated to advancing workflow and utility. DCA’s flagship product, ProPatch, is the first truly passive, relay-based, software-controlled, high channel count, patching system. It will enable exciting new possibilities in signal flow design and management, with zero audio compromise. The first ProPatch units are in the final stages of release at select studios.

True to its innovative and prolific founders, Wolff Audio will introduce a wide range of products that combine Wolff’s inventive designs with DCA’s digital engineering, including large and medium format recording consoles, classic analog processors, mic pres, equalizers, and compressors. Products will be characterized by enhanced workflow innovations such as digital control, intercommunication, integrated AD/DA conversion, and AoIP/Dante support.

“We share an obsessively crazy commitment to creating the best tools you never even imagined,” remarked Paul Wolff. “My entire career has been based on supporting the creative process – designing and building new and better ways to capture and mix music. Our products are an intuitive and essential part of the inspirational flow, never a groovebuster. We will unabashedly meld the new with the old, the classic with the unexpected. I’m truly excited for the cool stuff we will create at Wolff Audio.”

For more information visit www.wolffaudio.com