Live Review: Water Seed

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Web: waterseedmusic.com

Players: Lou Hill, founder, bandleader, composer, drummer; Rahim Glaspy, vocals; Ten, vocals; Jentleman Sharp, keyboards, vocals; Grant Hudson, guitar; Willie Martin, bass; Robert Ramson, sax; Cinese Love, flute; Greg Banks, Flagboy Giz, special guests

Material: It was all about New Orleans at Nublu’s on New York City’s Lower East Side. This energetic mashup of R&B, funk, and jazz, is reminiscent of acts like Rick James, Earth, Wind & Fire, and Sly And The Family Stone. Dubbed “Future Funk,” Water Seed is currently spreading Nola culture throughout the world, working with the Mayor’s Office of New Orleans and the NOLA Office of Cultural Economy. The material is uplifting, life-affirming and flat out danceable, characterized by tight grooves and notable theatrics. “Open Sesame,” encourages us to reach out and grab that brass ring because tonight is your night: Don’t you be afraid to be/all the things that you want to be/close your eyes and count to three/open sesame. Slowing  down the pace is the more R&B sultry love ballad “Rest Of My Life.” You’re the one I finally found/the one I’m looking for/…I’ll do the time/I’ll be with you the rest of my life.

Musicianship: The various grooves and continuous high energy the band maintains keeps the crowd thoroughly engaged. Hill sets the tone while offering a few tasty drum solos. Other band members also have their own solo moments while Glaspy, Ten, and Love, the three fronting band members, keep the focus on vocals and staging.

Performance: The band mixes it up by trading off lead singers and adding choreographed moves, matching the music note for note. To further drive home the New Orleans flavor, special guest Flagboy Giz, dressed in authentic full Mardi Gras Indian regalia, performed three indigenous numbers.

Summary: Water Seed are true collaborators.They work well off each other while taking full advantage of their individual time in the spotlight. They have charted on Billboard and recently released a new EP entitled Sounds Of The Wasteland.

Photo by Mark Shiwolich