Live Review: Command Sisters at The Coca-Cola Stage, Stampede Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Material: Sharing songs from their debut album Rouge, the Command Sisters delivered seven tracks and a bluegrass number, along with a surprise Britney Spears cover in a fun and energetic set at the Calgary Stampede’s Coca-Cola Stage. Opening with their original debut single “I Can Do What I Want,” the duo delivered a great ethereal pop sound with solid backing tracks and taffy vocal lines, moving on to “Lonely Lullaby,” with its lovely guitar solo and beautifully harmonized pre-chorus.

Musicianship: Between their beautiful individual vocals, their harmonious duets, and the overall instrumental performance, these two have clearly spent time developing their musicality and instrumental skillsets. Dynamic keyboard playing and funky guitar licks by Sarah beautifully complement Charlotte’s feisty vocal sensibility. With a fiery, polished sound, they engaged the crowd with solid girl power and a natural chemistry and sound exchange between them. Toward the end of their set, the Sisters joined in the rodeo fun, breaking out a banjo and showcased yodeling chops from their early days in music to perform a cover of Patsy Montana’s classic, “I Wanna Be a Cowboy’s Sweetheart.” 

Performance: Their edgy interpretation and spicey guitar intro on “Hit Me Baby One More Time” revealed the freshness of their sound. Adding a great intro and outro blend on “Chameleon,” they switched gears to an upbeat party song for “Feel Good,” which got the crowd going with gooey, breathy vocal moments and a cool halftime signature and punky flavor. “Rain On My Parade” presented more uniquely dissonant harmonies and a sassy melancholy feel to their storytelling.

Summary: Unassuming and confident, the Command Sisters delivered a powerful show that combined gentle solo vocal sections juxtaposed with full jam-out rockstar moments of effervescent guitar solos and vocal belting. Building a palpable, playful connection with the crowd between their songs, this pair of genuine artists have the goods and are in their passionate zone of genius performing live for any crowd. Momentum is building for the Command Sisters.

Contact: [email protected]

Web: commandsisters.com

Players: Charlotte Command, lead vocals, keyboard, bass, acoustic guitar; Sarah Command, backing vocals, electric and acoustic guitars

Photo by Jackson Beenham