Live Review of P!NK at the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA on May 25, 2018

Since P!NK released her double platinum debut album Can't Take Me Home, she has become one of the biggest female pop artists of all time. With 2001's Missundaztood, P!NK left her mark on pop history with the song "Get The Party Started," which went to number one in several countries and in the top 5 in many parts of the world. P!NK went on to sell over 40 million albums combined worldwide and more than 50 million singles. In recent years, P!NK has had groundbreaking Grammy Performances, has released one hit single after the next, and was Billboard's Woman of the Year in 2013. P!NK's current tour goes with the release of her 2017 album Beautiful Trauma.

When it comes to being an amazing singer and performer, P!NK has both traits; additionally, she has the endurance to put on a tour show that involves flying, running around, and just nothing but pure energy.

P!NK stopped at the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA Friday night and showed us why she puts on the biggest and greatest performance today. From opening the show flying up and down as well as hanging and swinging from a giant chandelier on "Get The Party Started," to flying around the arena on "So What," to ending the show in a calm fashion with "Glitter In The Air," P!NK put on the must-see performance of 2018. P!NK continued with the title track of Beautiful Trauma followed by her hit "Just Like A Pill." On "Revenge," P!NK had a giant inflatable Eminem on stage which she kicked while in the air.

Next, P!NK performed the rock portion of the show with her song "Funhouse" mashed with No Doubt’s "Just A Girl," followed by Nirvana’s "Smells Like Teen Spirit." Then, P!NK gave a Cirque Du Soleil style performance for “Secrets.” The stage was then transformed into a forest for “Try.” P!NK along with 4 members of her band (cello, bass, drums, and guitar) came out to the front of the stage and performed more acoustically then for “I Am Here,” they were joined by her backing vocalists. The intimate part of the show continued with just P!NK and her long time guitarist Justin Derrico for “F**king Perfect,” and a fan gave P!NK a custom blanket with photos of her and her family on it.

P!NK also shared a conversation she had with her daughter along with a powerpoint presentation titled "My Daughter Is Beautiful." At this point there was just two songs left and an an unforgettable encore to follow. P!NK performed “Raise Your Glass,” and "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)." P!NK went airbound one last time for the night with “So What,” and literally flew around the entire Honda Center so that everyone got a chance to see this extraordinary artist up-close. To close out this spectacular show, P!NK performed “Glitter In The Air,” with very little production which was a beautiful way to end the performance. As P!NK and her band walked off the screen showed a list of credits listing everyone involved this larger than life stage production.

P!NK also had a number of great back-up dancers, and one of the best bands today with an all star lineup including guitarist Justin Derrico (The Voice, Robin Thicke, Beyonce), drummer Mark Schulman (Cher, Billy ldol, Foreigner) Bassist Eva Gardner (Cher, Gwen Stefani, Tegan and Sara), backing vocalist  Jenny Douglas (Toto, Ashford and Simpson, Mick Jagger), backing vocalist Stacy Campbell (Cher, Tina Turner, Janet Jackson), keyboardist Jason Chapman, keyboardist/guitarist Adriana Balic (Jersey Boys touring production, USC Thornton School and Berklee online instructor), violinist/ cellist Jessy Greene (Foo Fighters, Wilco, Jayhawks).