Live Review: Nature Loves Courage

 Viper Room Hollywood CA 

Web: nlovescourage.com 

Contact: [email protected] 

Players: McKenna Rowe, Vocals; Jake Bergman, Bass; Joe De Sa, Guitar; Harrett Smith, Drums 

Material: Nature Loves Courage is a rock & roll outfit putting out unique tunes with subtle hints of Led Zeppelin, the Eurythmics and Talking Heads. They mixed the music with rock & roll, blues and jazz and the results are very good. The tunes start out straight forward and drive, rock & roll style, and then veer off into another lane, say, jazz, and then veer right back. It made for a very good rollercoaster ride. 

Musicianship: Excellent musicianship all around as Rowe led the music with very good vocals that not only showcased her talent, but accented her very sexy outfit. Singing while directing traffic, and even so much as bringing her own background vocals, she crooned exceptionally well for a fun, animated crowd. De Sa was great adding layers of sneaky sounds to the mix as his "whacka, whacka’s" were placed ever so perfectly on rhythm guitar. A nice, juicy melodic solo would have been nice to change things up a little bit but life isn’t fair all the time, is it? 

Performance: The performance was good. Although Rowe seemed to run out of gas towards the end, Bergman was there to keep things flowing in a funky direction. Bergman was on it from the get-go. "No slouching allowed" is written in his book. Every chop, every groove, every rhythm was so "on." All the grooves were melodic and enjoyable and each was played with energy and enthusiasm that kept the ball rolling for the whole band. Together with Smith, they made the rhythm section happen for Nature Loves Courage. 

Summary: Nature Loves Courage was very enjoyable to watch and listen to. Can’t say enough about Bergman and Smith as they had the small, but energetic crowd at the Viper Room dancing, grooving and wanting more. The vocal melodies were very good as well and the guitar’s extra input on rhythm gave this band a very good rating. Tunes like “All of The things,” “Dismantle” and “Dark Horse” take you down the metal path, while “Players” and “Frequencies” finesse and inspire you to dance. Be sure to check these guys out at all your favorite platforms.