Mötley Nüe

Live Review: Mötley Nüe at The Viper Room in West Hollywood

Material: Mötley Nüe is a Mötley Crüe cover band playing all the original quartet’s songs from all nine albums and playing them marvelously. Mötley Crüe, who have sold more than 100 million CDs worldwide and are known as one of the most notorious rock & roll bands, would be proud to see themselves on stage as they were. All the best Crüe tunes were on the set list as they hammered out each song superbly and had the crowd singing along with them to mega-hits like “Shout at the Devil,” “Ten Seconds to Love” and “Piece of your Action.” And it didn’t stop there. Nüe did all the hits, including “Red Hot,” “Girls Girls Girls,” “Wild Side,” “Home Sweet Home” and the mega-popular “Dr. Feel Good,” as well as “Saints of Los Angeles.”

Musicianship: Mötley Crüe achieved great commercial success by incorporating crazy antics, crazy life-experiences and crazy thinking, along with great musicianship. Nüe are very good musicians in their own right and their skills were on display as they played all of Crüe’s hits almost note for note. Not only did they play well, they played while jumping around the stage, headbanging, losing wigs, twirling sticks, posing for the crowd and dealing with vanished props. Each Nüe member portrayed the original Crüe member in persona and musicianship down to a tee.

Performance: Mötley Nüe, hailing from Las Vegas and dressed up in all of Mötley Crüe’s “ceremonial dress,” pulls no punches in imitating Crüe down to the wardrobe. When “Looks That Kill” started, it was like the audience was being taken back to 1983, to a different time and place, back to the US Festival or to CrueFest, watching the real Mötley Crüe live on stage. It was a terrific performance that was maintained for two whole sets and with great support from the crowd.

Summary: Mötley Nüe delivers an extremely good “Take-You-Back-In-Time” experience. It’s “sex, drugs and rock & roll” at its finest. Impressive musical skills and having all the “moves” downright brought Mötley Crüe’s career back to life. Every year was acknowledged in the setlist as the band took you back to a time when Crüe was dealing with trials, tribulations and battling obstacles like drug addiction and legal problems—but also to a time when the band were at the very top of their game. Musicians know it’s a daunting task to play note for note, but this was a powerful performance and every note was heartfelt and meaningful. If you get a chance to see these guys, do so. You will not be disappointed.

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Players: Steve Hott; vocals, Rikki Sterling; bass, Cody Gilliland; drums, Sehwang Kim; guitar