Live Review: Mia X Ally

The Echo  Los Angeles, CA

Contact: [email protected]

Web: miaxally.com

Players: Mia Asano, violin; Ally The Piper, bagpipes; Dominic Marraffa III, drums; Dov Beck-Levine, guitar

Material: Mia X Ally is an all-girl duo that plays all-instrumental, traditional Scottish style tunes. The music is very upbeat, with a no-nonsense, in your face, rock 'n' roll delivery that does not fail. It is traditional Scottish fair, complete with bagpipes, a violin that shreds and a rhythm section that could raise the dead (and they did). Super solid drumming and rhythm guitar set the stage for two wonderful musicians to paint as they pleased. 

Musicianship: The musicianship is top-rated. Not too many groups play bagpipes, and then to play them well in this music genre is a pleasant surprise. Outstanding violins were played by Asano, as she added soothing melodies to the music and made you wish you were Irish, and then, she shredded away, playing magnificent solos to her heart's content. The bagpipes were an added enjoyment as Asano plays them beautifully and, together with exceptionally written tunes that were masterfully performed, Mia X Ally took the crowd by storm. 

Performance: The performance was great. Mia and Ally are exceptional at their craft. They were also backed up by an exceptional drummer and rhythm guitarist in Marraffa and Levine. Marraffa and Levine were solid in their playing as Mia and Ally took advantage of the faultless timing. They set the backdrop for an outstanding performance. That, coupled with the Echo’s lighting and effects, knocked this performance out of the park. 

Summary: Notable piper Alasdair Gillies has nothing on these two! A Flying-V violin and bagpipes should be a hint as to what this show was all about. Full on, in-your-face, rockin’ rollin' madness (in a very good way). The music takes you back to Ireland to experience Irish folklore in classic rock 'n' roll fashion and Mia X Ally did not dissatisfy. A great show with great music. “May the road rise up to meet you!