DIY Spotlight: Rob Bondurant

Rob Bondurant experienced an epiphany when he first picked up a guitar. Music became an absolute and relentless passion.

Bondurant played every open mic scene that he could in San Diego, CA. He also entertained the local population at restaurants, bars and private events. In fact, he became one of the region’s most sought-after performers. So much so, that gigging became his main source of income.

After playing nearly every venue in and around San Diego, Bondurant packed his bags and moved to greener pastures…Nashville, TN, where he began a new chapter in his life. He recorded his debut album, Hurricane, at the world famous Blackbird Studios and released it last year. That process allowed him to break out of the acoustic singer/songwriter genre and enter a “band” phase.

Hurricane has an Americana vibe, but also blends blues, folk and soul into one original sound. Indeed, it’s obvious that Bondurant doesn’t like to confine his vision to only one genre.

Proof of that is his most recent single, “Crazy People,” which combines electronica and rock into a brew that’s been compared to Prince and Muse.

Curiously, the song began as a memo in his phone that grew as he began to craft his music in a new way––via smart phone. That led Bondurant to experiment with the way he made music, seeking an authentic sound for which no set genre can be defined.

Using that approach, Bondurant’s music not only moves people, it also makes them stop and listen.

For more, go to BondurantMusic.com.