Katie Ferrara

Live Review: Katie Ferrara at The Hotel Cafe in Hollywood, CA

Material: Though only 30, Katie Ferrara looks and sounds like she stepped right out of 1960’s Haight-Ashbury. Sporting a wide-brimmed fedora and scarf, she looked ever a bit the busker, and cooed light-hearted tunes like “Picking Apples,” “How We Learn to Love” and “Circles” with the same kind of soft, gentle whisper made popular by ‘60s legacy artists Melanie and Joni Mitchell. Though the night was intended to be about her new single, “Weightless,” the real showstopper was “Lost in the Wires,” a song about the breakdown of communication and human interaction––something we all can relate to (when we’re not buried in our phones, that is).

Musicianship: Ferrara’s vocals were always pitch-perfect, consistent and pleasant, and her guitar playing and chord choices married her vocal melodies well. Also impressive was her guitar’s collapsible neck, which she was proud to demonstrate and explain the benefits of (like, easier transportation for buskers like herself). The band was tight, and didn’t step on Ferrara for the most part. However, her choice to bring a few friends up to sing some background vocals didn’t necessarily add anything.

Performance: Ferrara is instantly likeable, with her quick smile, honey-sweet voice and relatable lyrics. It was a shame you couldn’t see her face for a good portion of the show, as she was a bit hidden by her hat and scarf motif; but as soon as she removed those, you were instantly warmed by her disarming presence. You can tell Ferrara has spent many hours honing her craft on piers, street corners, farmer’s markets and open mics. The audience seemed to be very intent, completely charmed by Ferrara’s cheerful banter and blithe songwriting. It really would be hard to walk away from a Katie Ferrara show without a smile on your face.

Summary: Ferrara’s music could very easily fit into just about any equation, and is incredibly licensable. If she stays her course, the right situation will present itself, and her music will find a voice maybe in the right indie movie or TV show, as it is very consumable, easygoing
and fragrant.

Contact: Katie Ferrara, [email protected]
Web: facebook.com/katieferraramusic
Players: Matt Bogdanow, drums; Lauren Stockner, bass; Ken Oak, cello; Tom McNalley, guitar; Lucy la Forge, backing vocals; Marissa Lauren, backing vocals; Katie Ferrara, guitar, vocals