Live Review: Dirty Honey

 The Belasco Theater Los Angeles, CA 

Web: dirtyhoney.com 

Contact: [email protected] 

Players: Marc LaBelle, Vocals; John Notto, Guitar; Justin Smolian, Bass; Jaydon Bean, Drums 

Material: Dirty Honey is rude, hard and loud, to say the least. Hard rock oozing blues, rock and metal was blasted from the start, throughout the Belasco Theater with no signs of letting up. Reminiscent of a young Led Zeppelin, they rocked the venue all night long with hints of Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Rainbow and Guns n' Roses emanating out of their pours as they played to a sold-out crowd. 

Musicianship: The musicianship was very good. Notto, Smolian and Bean made a great team. The tunes are fit, well-rounded and well written. They were performed with excellence in mind and made a very good backdrop for LaBelle to do his thing with the vocals. Smollen, Notto and LaBelle teased and poked at the crowd as they posed for pictures for while churning out the chops, with barely a note missed. 

Performance: The performance was excellent. Dirty Honey had every seat in the house filled with enthusiastic, excited people that came to party and have a good time. The Belasco crew has an amazing lighting and visual show and they pulled out all the stops for Dirty Honey. But even if the band had not had the help from the venue, they still would have had the audience in the palm of their hands; their show is that good. 

Summary: Dirty Honey is a band that’s fun to watch. The music was good and the fans are enthusiastic; and combined with the high energy aura that the band puts out, it’s a win-win for everyone. They are all over the internet and if you haven’t heard of them, what rock are you living under? Formed in 2017, they were the first unsigned band to have a single, “When I’m Gone,” top the Billboard Rock Songs chart, as well as being iHeart Radio’s On the Verge Artist. Touring since 1990 and opening for every notable rock act out there, Dirty Honey is a band not to be missed.