Live Review: Circle The Earth

SIR Studios Los Angeles, CA 

Contact: [email protected] 


Players: Khadia Handon, vocals; Kazuki Tokaji, guitar; Michael McBay, founder; Sandro Feliciano, drums; Sandy Chao Wang, keyboards 

Material: Circle the Earth is a multicultural, cohesive collective, similar to what would happen if P!nk joined Linkin Park. Energetic and emotionally driven, speaking their truth, Circle the Earth brings vibrant modern rock from the City of Angels. Playing in a room with state-of-the-art TV and music production equipment, this band performed new-to-recent music. For example, “Maniac on Mute” is about leaving one’s past misfortunes where it’s at, and not allowing it to have a say in their present nor future. However, songs like “Dead” allows lead singer Khadia to flex her rap capabilities, shifting from rock to soul. And “Pick Your Poison” is synthy with heavy guitar and stylistic elements, one of the songs that finished their set. 

Musicianship: Khadia Handon has a distinct, colorful vocal tone, which helps complement her bandmates' strengths. Kazuki Tokaji handles guitar work like a pro, while Sandro Feliciano maneuvers effortlessly around his drum kit and Sandy Chao Wang plays wonderfully on his Roland keyboard. Operating as a team, and not a group, Circle the Earth possesses professionalism like veteran musicians. 

Performance: Circle the Earth is an entertaining female-fronted collection of musicians, bringing an eclectic vibe that fires up an emotional connection with their audience. This ensemble comes from all over the world, and their love for music exudes a sense of belonging. No matter where you may be from on this planet, there is someone in this band to connect and identify with. 

Summary: Some acts just got “it,” and this is one of them. The group’s forthright attitude on stage and off is about ethnic inclusion, cultural understanding, international cooperation, personal integrity, and spiritual awareness. Driven by purpose and passion, Circle the Earth is poised for more levels of success.