The Encore: The Never Ending Story documentary

Live Nation and Hard Rock Release "The Encore" Documentary

Live Nation TV and Hard Rock International have debuted The Encore: A Never Ending Story, a new documentary exploring the history of the encore and what has made it a time-honored tradition. Created with Hard Rock, the documentary examines the evolution of the concert staple, from its roots in classical music to how artists are incorporating it into their live shows today.

Over the course of the documentary, Live Nation TV (a joint venture between Live Nation and VICE Media) and Hard Rock International get an intimate look at what the encore means to the artists who perform them. Tegan and Sara talk about their admiration for a particularly raunchy encore from Peaches, while Dolly Parton talks about playing her first encore as a small child (a spectacular feat for someone who only knew one song at the time). Mac Demarco also contributes his wildest encore stories as well, which include performing a version of the Top Gun theme song that was so long the audience left before he finished. In addition, popular artists, including Duran Duran, Daryl Hall, Michael Stipe, Grouplove, Ben Folds, Gary Clark Jr., Thundercat and more, are asked to reflect on what on an encore performance means to them both as a performer and a fan.

“Live music is a vital part of the Hard Rock brand, as we host more than 31,000 live music events every year,” said John Galloway, senior vice president and Chief Marketing Officer for Hard Rock International. “As any good music fan knows, the tradition of the encore is an integral part of the show experience, and Hard Rock wanted to be a part of this documentary to solidify the encore’s place in music history.”

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The documentary also explores the history of the encore in pop culture. Andrew WK explains the true story behind the famous phrase "Elvis has left the building," while Har Mar Superstar professes his love and admiration for James Brown's legendary marathon encore ritual. Rolling Stone rock critic Rob Sheffield also breaks down when encores have gone south, such as The Red Hot Chili Peppers' disastrous and destructive encore at Woodstock 99.

To watch the documentary, visit lntv.com.