Acidic at The Viper Room in West Hollywood - photo credit: Jacob Emery

Live Review: Acidic at the Viper Room in West Hollywood, CA

Material: Los Angeles-based band Acidic do their best to give listeners a song to fit any occasion. From sexy rock tracks like “Chicago” and “Pirate Eyes” to beautifully raw moments in “Miles From Home” and “Believe” to the emotionally charged breakup anthems “Monster” and “Drive Thru,” this quartet strives for their music to be someone’s next go-to *insert mood here* song.

Musicianship: Each member of Acidic brings his own magnetic flair to not only the recorded work but also to the stage. Frontman Mike Gossard channels theatrical Billie Joe Armstrong/ Davey Havok-esque characteristics in his vocals and live performance while drummer Matt Whitaker’s passion for his instrument can easily be compared to that of Travis Barker or Mike Mangini with clean yet powerful handiwork. Guitarist Josh Bennett channels his inner Dave “Brownsound” Baksh while bassist Max Myrick gives off a Flea persona as they synchronize their strums, energy and even hair flips to the pace of every song.

Performance: Live streamed shows are always an interesting endeavor, but Acidic made sure to show their new international fans what a proper Viper Room homecoming looks like. Even with short breaks to talk about their experience with American Music Abroad, the show was filled with an assortment of tracks to match their enthusiastic personalities, all while showcasing undeniable chemistry between all four band members.

While the set list focused predominantly on their Creatures and Copper Man albums, Acidic included throwback tracks from their debut record Getting Lucky and debuted a brand new track called “Take It All” that could only be described as a musical retelling of their adventures abroad. They also threw in classic covers like “Come Together,” “All The Small Things” and “Sweet Caroline,” which easily reminded the audience that music is very much a universal language that brings people together. The band’s performance showcased each individual member’s talents and passion while sharing a taste of the strong bond that they’ve created with their audience.

Summary: This close-knit unit of young, hardworking musicians is doing everything that they’re supposed to do to ensure a bright, long lasting career. Constant tours of the U.S., a regulated record releasing schedule, recognition from radio stations and being chosen to do an international tour for American Music Abroad are only a few examples of the strong effort they’ve been putting in to make a name for themselves.

The Players: Mike Gossard, lead vocals, guitar; Matt Whitaker, drums; Josh Bennett, guitar, backing vocals; Max Myrick, bass, backing vocals.

Photo by Jacob Emery

Venue: The Viper Room
West Hollywood, CA
Contact: [email protected]
Web: acidicband.com

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