The Recording Connection programs

Learn from Notables at The Recording Connection

A distinctive player in the audio recording school landscape, The Recording Connection emphasizes real-world experience, job-producing connections and, above all, professional mentoring. The school's Brian Kraft explains, "Students get hands-on experience because we place the student as a working apprentice within an actual workplace located near the student’s place of residence."

The school's list of mentors is indeed impressive, and includes prominent record producers Ryan Hewitt (Lady Gaga), F.Reid Shippen (Death Cab for Cutie), Warren Huart (The Fray), Rhaki (David Bowie), Jimmy Douglass (Timbaland) and many more. "It's the only way to learn," Kraft concludes. "And it's why the biggest names in the business endorse us."

For more about the Master Apprentice Programs, go to recordingconnection.com/courses/learn-from-legends.