LANY at Express LIVE!

LANY’s gg bb xx tour stopped at Columbus’ Express LIVE! on Thursday, October 14 to crowds of adoring fans.

LANY, an acronym for Los Angeles, New York, was formed by members Paul Klein (vocals/keys/guitar), Jake Goss (drums), and Les Priest (keys/synth/guitar) in 2014. The night began with openers Jake Scott and Keshi before LANY hit the stage with “get away,” followed by “Thick and Thin,” and hit “Super Far.” During “never mind, let’s break up,” Paul threw himself into the barricade to be closer to the fans before moving to the piano for “I Don’t Wanna Love You Anymore.” They continued with “heart won’t let me,” “roll over, baby,” “Hurts,” “13,” and “ex i never had.” As Paul got situated with his guitar for “up to me,” there was a bit of a struggle with the mic stand. It ended up falling into the pit. For any other artist, it may have been an embarrassing moment. LANY fans, however, took it in stride and it made for a moment of camaraderie between Paul and the fans.

Production for this tour is a real trip. They utilize screens on stage, as well as above, to showcase lyrics so that fans can sing along. There’s a full spectrum of color and light, boosted by smoke machines powered to the max. It all creates a magical silhouette perfectly fit for the narrative of love and heartbreak that unfolds on stage. Touring band members Puff Scarborough (keys/guitar) and Kim Vi (keys/bass) had a blast rocking out atop the second stage level while Paul worked the crowd. He made a point to get into the pit on either side, grabbing disposable cameras for pictures, holding hands with fans, and receiving roses. The relationship between LANY and their supporters is a rock n’ romance if I’ve ever seen one.

The set closed with some favorites that got the entire crowd, from pit to lawn, jamming. “Dancing in the Kitchen” was a highlight of the night. Though it fell towards the end of the set, the energy on and off stage was explosive. “ILYSB” brought it home before bows. You can catch LANY on the gg bb xx tour through November 18.

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1. get away
2. Thick and Thin
3. Super Far
4. cowboy in LA
5. never mind, let’s break up
6. I Don’t Wanna Love You Anymore
7. heart won’t let me
8. roll over, baby
9. Hurts
10. 13
11. ex i never had
12. up to me
13. Care less
14. Hericane
15. i still talk to jesus (stripped)
16. If You See Her
17. Dancing in the Kitchen
18. Thru These Tears
19. Malibu Nights
20. you!