LA Sound Panels


LA Sound Panels™ is offering

6 Full Tone Acoustic Sound Panels 24" W x 48" H x 2 1/2" D

(Choice of Black, Tan, Burgundy, Brown, White).

Retail Value $300.00

LA Sound Panels™ are handcrafted in Los Angeles and each is made with the utmost care. Our sound panels are made with eco-friendly Roxul mineral wool insulation, framed in white pine and finished with an attractive and durable fabric covering. LA Sound Panels™ offers a convenient and affordable option for anyone looking to treat their recording facilities, rehearsal rooms, home studios, home theaters, corporate offices and more! We offer custom services to meet all of your needs!



LA Sound Panels™ was founded in 2011 by local Los Angeles musician, Mike Lizarraga. His first project and vision for the company began by treating his studio in North Hollywood, CA. Unable to find a local place to buy acoustic panels, he decided to build the panels himself. After a long search for the right materials, he began designing panels for his studio. Mike decided he wanted to create an easy, convenient and affordable option for music professionals to treat their studios and LA Sound Panels™ was born. Before long, LA Sound Panels™ had acoustic panels and bass traps in studios and businesses throughout California, Arizona, and as far away as Taiwan. Today, LA Sound Panels™ offers several types of sound treatment and services to fulfill your needs.