Kupperman Launches Goldengate Talent Agency

GOLDENGATE is launching with a dynamic and eclectic roster that Founder Jason Kupperman represents, turning the page from his 14 years at Monterey Peninsula Artists and Paradigm.  "I take a lot of pride in my work building the careers of my established artists and can’t wait to build the newer artists on the roster into the artists of tomorrow," says Kupperman.  The highly selective nature of how the roster has been built combined with the intimacy of relationships cultivated takes the agency beyond the coined term of boutique; GOLDENGATE treats its artists like family.

The name GOLDENGATE has multiple special meanings for me. It pays homage to my years at Monterey Peninsula Artists and the amazing people there who helped to shape the type of agent I’ve become.  It also pays tribute to my family, who are such an important backbone to my success and the birth of this company.  The bridge itself is known for its beauty, for being iconic, historic and recognizable. - Jason Kupperman, Founder

My main mission with GOLDENGATE is to represent my roster the right way, with passion, respect and class, to make all of my artists feel loved, heard and supported, and to make sure each artist’s unique vision receives the individualized attention and guidance so that their careers experience the results needed to achieve their fullest potential. At its core, this agency will always be about the music.

GOLDENGATE’s current roster can be found on its website: goldengateagency.com. Follow on socials for the latest updates and news: @GoldengateTalentAgency (Instagram/Facebook), @GoldengateTA (Twitter)