Kramer Announces Striker Collection

Kramer has unveiled the new Striker collection, available in three different configurations. The Kramer Striker collection is now available worldwide at authorized Kramer dealers and on www.kramerguitars.com. Part of the Kramer Modern Collection, the all-new Striker collection is a gorgeous entry into the high-performance, shred-ready world of Kramer guitars. Each Striker features a satin-finished maple neck with a Kramer K-Speed SlimTaper C profile that’s fast, easy to play, and incredibly comfortable. An optional hardshell case is available for all.
 Watch and share the new video for the Kramer Striker collectionHERE.Striker HSS (Floyd Rose Special) is available in both right and left-handed versions in Jumper Red, Ebony, and Majestic Purple colorways. The Striker HSS (Floyd-Rose Special) features a satin-finished maple neck, three Alnico 5 pickups, including a zebra-coil bridge humbucker and two single coils, so it can provide sparkling clean single coil tones as easily as it delivers hard-rocking humbucker tones. It also has licensed Floyd-Rose locking vibrato so you can use the whammy bar to your heart’s content while remaining in tune.
Above: the Kramer Striker HSS in Jumper Red. Striker Figured HSS (Laurel FB; Floyd Rose Special)--available in Wild Ivy and Transparent Red—features a stunning AAA flame maple top veneer, and a satin-finished maple neck. Two single coils provide sparkling clean single coil tones as easily as it delivers hard-rocking tones that cover a wide range of styles. This Kramer Striker Figured also has a licensed Floyd-Rose locking vibrato which provides all the whammy bar dives and theatrics a true performer needs while remaining in tune.
Above: Kramer Striker Figured HSS in Wild Ivy. The Striker Figured HSS (Laurel FB; Stop Tail)--available in Transparent Ebony and Transparent Purple—features a stunning AAA flame maple top veneer. This Striker Figured offers exceptional sonic versatility with a zebra-coil bridge humbucker and two single coils, delivering sparkling cleans as easily as harder rocking tones that can cover a variety of styles. An Epiphone LockTone Tune-O-Matic bridge and Stop Bar tailpiece ensure excellent intonation and loads of sustain.
Above: the Kramer Striker Figured HSS in Transparent Purple.
"We are excited to bring back the classic Strikers, but with a modern twist” says Andrew Ladner, Brand Manager of Kramer and Epiphone at Gibson Brands. “This collection is 100% Kramer delivering fast, heavy, and loud guitars to fans for over 40 years. These Strikers, living in Kramer's Modern Collection, cover the demands of a wide range of players including Floyd Rose fans, those who need a diverse assortment of pickups, and AAA maple figured lovers. And, if you are left-handed, we’ve got you covered. Striking again, is what Kramer does best." The Kramer Modern Collection adds a present-day twist on killer classic designs and introduces the Kramer name to a new generation. Kramer Modern Collection guitars feature new neck-to-body joints, contemporary hardware and tremolo options, cutting-edge pickups and electronic options for a wider range of tonal possibilities, and other options geared toward players that want to launch into hyperspace all with the Kramer DNA intact. KRAMER’s Modern Collection features innovative design with classic lines including the new Striker collection, Assault 220, Assault PlusNite-VNite-V Plus, and Kramer’s premier bass, the D-1 Bass and more. Kramer guitars are available worldwide on www.kramerguitars.com. 
Explore the full Kramer Striker collection https://www.kramerguitars.com/en-US/Collection/striker.