Kiran Leonard Signs to Memorials of Distinction

Manchester-born, South London-based artist Kiran Leonard re-emerges with ‘Treat Me A Stranger’, a song fragment of homespun folk in his signature mercurial style, alongside an accompanying video.

Signalling an auspicious new chapter, ‘Treat Me A Stranger’ sees Leonard begin a new year with a new home, by signing to London-based label Memorials of Distinction, a roster that has included the likes of Porridge Radio, caroline, JPEGMAFIA, Naima Bock, Shovel Dance Collective & more.

Anticipating the prospect of new material, ‘Treat Me A Stranger’ is a song of lilting falsetto, imagistic lyricism and ramshackle DIY percussion that gives a tantalizing glimpse into Leonard’s latest work. Described as a form of ‘utilitarian pop’, Leonard reveals the song is inspired by a feeling of relative contentment as well as aspects of roots music, particularly the lyricism of proto-country pioneer Jimmie Rodgers.

The video depicts an endearing comic drama of various domestic calamities, and together with the music, provides a charming snapshot of what lies ahead.

After over a decade of unfettered art and music, with output which has expanded the boundaries of his vision, while remaining true to his precocious beginnings - including releases on Moshi Moshi Music, Them There and Boira Discos - Leonard continues to refine his uniquely intricate and articulate music.

Leonard will play new material with a new group featuring the likes of Mike O'Malley (caroline), Magda McLean (caroline, The Umlauts), Joshua Barfoot (Shovel Dance Collective) & Otto Willberg on the 6th March at The Windmill in Brixton, London. Tickets are now sold out, but join the waiting list HERE.