Bible of Love

Album Review: Snoop Dogg - Bible of Love (8/10)

There’s only one rapper in hip-hop who can have multiple alter egos, yet still keep it “real.” Some may call it contradictory, while others call it simply being human. Snoop Dogg releases his 16th studio album, Bible of Love, where Snoop displays his love and affection for the risen savior, Jesus Christ. Living in a world that currently looks like perhaps the beginning stages of Revelation, love and clarification on who the author of love is, is exactly what this world needs; and Snoop Dogg is embracing the responsibility of spreading the Gospel to his audience. This 32-track, double disc album packs more than enough tenderness to spread throughout your community.

Rating: 8/10

Released by: RCA Inspiration/All the Time Entertainment
Producer: Various