Artist Profile: Jessica Downs at Illuminate Studios

Nestled in the heart of Studio City, Illuminate Studios stands as a beacon of ingenuity in the entertainment industry. This hidden gem, known for over 22 years for delivering production and post-production excellence to the major studios and independent producers alike, recently called upon visionary artist Jessica Downs.

Owners Steven Wiener and Jim Hardy, the driving forces behind Illuminate, recognized the need for a fresh perspective during their studio's remodeling phase. A quest for inspiration led them to a Music Connection Magazine article titled "She Paints with a Knife," featuring the upcoming artist Jessica Downs.

Jessica's unique painting style, employing a palette knife to blend colors and textures, had already earned her accolades in the art world. Now, she was poised to bring her artistic talents to illuminate. Jessica rose to the challenge of blending and balancing the studio's Feng Shui catering to the furnishings Wiener and Hardy had just installed. Her artistry resulted in eight original canvas pieces that breathed new life and creativity into the space.

Illuminate, Studio City's best kept secret, is not just any space. It boasts a turnkey Broadcast Studio and Sound Stage complete with a vast 60-foot green cyc, ideal for shooting music videos, talk shows and other creative endeavors along with a post production finishing division second to none. As one of only two studios located in Studio City, Illuminate shines as a one stop shop for both Television and Feature Production.  Now, as her artwork graces Illuminate's walls, it welcomes creatives from the entertainment industry.  Jessica Downs and Illuminate Studios promise a brighter, more vibrant arena for all who enter their doors, all while remaining Studio City's best-kept secret.

For more info on Jessica's art and Illuminate Studios, contact Sammy Oriti at 310-985-5511