Kayne the Lovechild Can't Do Without His Manley Mic

Bronx singer and rapper Kayne the Lovechild told us about his love for his Manley mic.

Kayne the Lovechild: I can’t do without my Manley mic! It’s become a safe haven for me. Not only can I fit it in my Telfar duffle on the go but the way it captures sound is stupefying! I record and listen back (pre-mix) and sit there in awe.

To me it lays the perfect foundation to build off of. Especially when I need those clean takes and want to try something new vocally. The crisp sound also helps while layering vocals and harmonies.

You have some mics out there when you try to apply all harmonies, it starts to sound like mush. NEVER had I had those issues with my Manley. My man, my man, my Manley!

Kayne the Lovechild's singles "Roll Call" and "Banjee Girls" are out now.