Karol G at the Crypto Arena

It was an amazing night in downtown Los Angeles, the presence of Columbian singer Karol G lit up Crypto Arena like no other. Colors of the Colombian flag were held by many concert goer’s in attendance. Waiting outside the arena were the restless crowd properly dressed for an all-night party, sporting Bichota inspired looks and Karol G merchandise of course. There was no shortage of red, blue or green hair amongst her fans either. Karol g fans also received wristbands that would light up during different parts of the concert.  

Karol G made her grand entrance inside a floating barb-wired heart, along with many pole dancers who compliment her every move with an erotic dance move. The lights dimmed, and the crowd jumped to their feet as Karol G made her grand entrance inside the metal barbed wire heart and to the opening chords of "Gutbela" while flames were beneath her. La Bichota then sang through a slew of popular hit songs such as ‘MAMIII’, “Mi Gente.” and “Provenza”.  It was definitely a night to remember, everybody with their cell phones taking pictures and recording making memories will forever be cherished in their hearts. Whether she was flying through the crowd in a Ferrari while singing “Makinon" or singing a special song to that one lucky fan, the crowd was eating the entire show up. You could actually see how the Crypto Arena was packed, every chair filled, everyone with their cellphones out. 

Another highlight was the concert's dance contest, where a few lucky fans get picked from the crowd to have a dance-off for $10,000 cash prize. One lucky guy who danced his butt off, ended up winning the money and the respect from the concert goers. Karol G’s energy is what brings the best out of people and her performance definitely was one for the books. It's no longer a question if Karol G has the star power and command to hold it down at larger venues like her male contemporaries do. Karol G demonstrated how she could stand tall next to her fellow reggaeton artists, she proved it by selling out every show nationwide. It was most certain a great night and one to remember.