The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion


In the words of Jon Spencer: “Baby, I came here tonight to tell you that you’re in the right place.” Fired up what was to be one of a most memorable live performance, a sardine-packed venue, underground performances and the gritty garage band practices. The lyrical genius and high-energy beats of their new album, Freedom Tower - No Wave Dance Party 2015, demands a ferocious pour of good vibes and a wave of movement from the crowd below.

With child-like excitement, these men rocked the grounds of the Echoplex from start to finish. Judah Bauer has his style down to a tee with an up and down guitar roll as he pulls and picks not only the strings of his guitar, but also the heart strings of the audience all around. Adding to getting shaken up and down was the energetic smashing of the drums by Russell Simins, which combined with the rouged grounding vocals of Jon Spencer, makes for a full circle frenzy.


Text by Angela Gevorkyan; Photos by Paula Tripodi

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