DIY Spotlight: STASH


Why should male electro-pop duos have all the fun? That’s what Steph Prost, the DJ/rapper/songwriter behind the two-girl outfit STASH, thought when she heard LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem” and saw them become EDM sensations.

That vision, along with a relentless DIY work ethic, and infectious music scored the indie duo a deal with Central Entertainment Group (CEG) in December 2014.

A master at creating fresh mash-ups, Prost built her rep producing and DJing for exclusive events ranging from big-time film premieres to Red Bull Spring Break, Sundance Festival and South by Southwest.

Her vision and ambition expanded with the addition of powerhouse vocals by classically trained pop singer Amanda Maze. Their partnership is driven by natural chemistry and a playful, laid back friendship.

The duo’s debut single, the “lousy ex-boyfriend”-inspired anthem “Tear Me Down” is impacting Top 40 radio, while the throbbing “Strip Me Bare” (the title track of their EP) is being shipped to clubs and DJs across the country. It also garnered the “Best EDM Song” award at the Hollywood Music In Media Awards show in November 2014.

Currently, the girls are preparing three high-energy music videos—including a slick, clubby, Hollywood-vintage (‘60s) themed clip for “Strip Me Bare.”

This EDM-fem duo is a real world example of how going the DIY route can get you places. Indeed, they’re having a blast gearing up to unleash more of their pop meets electro-pop (or, as they dub it, “poppy house”) on the world.

For more info, see danceSTASH.com.