John Dolmayan (System Of A Down) Announces Kickstarter For All-Star Project

systemofadowndrummerJohn Dolmayan, drummer for Grammy-winning alt-rock band System of a Down, has launched a Kickstarter campaign for These Grey Men, a project that will produce a star-studded covers album and tour.

The album will include new renditions of songs by artists such as Radiohead, Outkast, David Bowie and many more, recorded by a band of all-star players (lineup to be announced) led by Dolmayan and his collaborator James Hazley, formerly of the band Cockeyed Ghost.

"I'm a huge music fan and have an iPod with over 10,000 or so songs on it that I listen to religiously," says Dolmayan. "I often rearrange melodies in my head or think about how much fun it would've been to play on some of my favorite songs. That ultimately led to the idea of a covers album. As for what it’s going to sound like, it'll definitely have a rock feel, but not limited by any genre restrictions. Listeners are going to hear a plethora of sounds and styles.”

The project sees Dolmayan offering various investor incentives, ranging from personal drum lessons and an opportunity to attend a recording session to a private backyard concert and a chance to guest-produce one of the album's tracks.

Rewards also include watching the creative process in the studio via Skype, owning instruments used during the recording, receiving credit in the album's liner notes, and more.

"I want this project to be an experiment, not just in sound, but in the mutual participation of artist and fan," he says. "I want this to be a shared process. The goal is not just to deliver a finished product, but to give fans a piece of the project every step of the way."