jaynee thorne

New Music Critique: Jaynee Thorne


Jaynee Thorne has a voice full of pure, unabashed optimism, and a message that is earnest and humanistic, overflowing with lessons learned and hope undaunted. Pristinely recorded, her every word (and acoustic guitar) is crisp and clear on songs such as the Latin-flavored serenade-like “This Time Around” where Thorne details the lessons that life has taught her. She’s equally reflective on the wistful ballad “The Truth Is” where she delivers her life’s ultimate lesson: “love is all around.” On “Everybody Loves to Hate L.A.” the artist mounts her amusing tune with a bold, brassy arrangement that finishes up with plenty of enthusiastic handclapping. The song’s theme makes it ripe for film/TV situations.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: jayneethornemusic.com
Seeking: Film/TV, Publishing
Style: Pop, Folk