Jaxsta Announces Partnership with VEVA Sound

Jaxsta, the public-facing, dedicated database of official music credits, has announced that it has entered into a new partnership with VEVA Sound, one of the world’s leading companies in music preservation and archiving.

Under the terms of the agreement, Jaxsta and VEVA Sound will leverage the natural synergy of their respective platforms, jaxsta.com and VEVA Collect, to improve the process for creatives of collecting and receiving credit.

Jaxsta's mission is to ensure that each creative involved in the creation of every song is recognized for their work. Credits are critical for reimbursement and future opportunities. More than 12 million creatives have their verified credits published on Jaxsta, which is now partnering with platforms and teams such as VEVA to enable global opportunities.

VEVA is committed to building the best product for producers, songwriters and engineers to easily collect their credits, share audio and session files securely, and seamlessly collaborate on their music.

Together, this partnership enables VEVA Collect users to easily register and claim their Jaxsta profiles as a verified destination for credits collected in VEVA Collect projects.

Jacqui Louez Schoorl, Jaxsta CEO

Jaxsta users can utilise VEVA Collect as the tool to ensure credits are collected at the point of creation—making the pipeline to their Jaxsta profile more complete.

In addition, VEVA and Jaxsta will provide partnered content to champion a more complete pipeline for music credits, reflecting their joint belief that everyone who makes music should know why credits matter, and understand how to accurately collect metadata.

This arrangement strengthens Jaxsta’s position as an academic resource for music education institutions, as exemplified by their partnership with the Australian Institute of Music (AIM).

Jacqui Louez Schoorl, Jaxsta CEO and Co-Founder, stated, “Jaxsta is dedicated to ensuring that every music creator, from the assistant engineer to the headline artist, receives credit for their work. VEVA Collect is a true ally in this cause, and I am so excited about our partnership. I see it as a significant step towards achieving our shared goal – that all music creators receive the credit they’re due.”

Deborah Fairchild, VEVA Sound President, stated, “We at VEVA Sound are excited about this partnership with JAXSTA and the extra value it brings to the many creators who use VEVA Collect. This is one more way for us to help ensure that those creators’ hard work is now credited, recognized and rewarded.”