Palomino Club

James Intveld's Birthday Party at the Palomino Club

For one night, LA’s beloved Palomino Club, which closed in 1995 after nearly 50 years as the city’s country music home ground, was exhumed in celebration of country-rockabilly stalwart James Intveld’s 60th Birthday. Since the early ‘80s, Intveld has been a fixture on the LA country revival scene, eventually achieving international popularity.

For this night, Intveld was joined by country compatriots Rosie Flores and Dale Watson, also veterans of the Palomino, who followed Intveld’s fun, sentimental set with their own, and together with the birthday boy. Fans of both the artists and the Palomino turned out in flashy western gear, slicked-back hair for the gents, and pin-up glam makeup on the dolls. A few guests in the overflow crowd had come all the way from Europe to see the show.

There was dancing on the tiny dance floor and in the aisles as Intveld and friends played a variety of covers (think Lefty Frizell, etc.) and originals, recapturing for a few hours the fun of Ronnie Mack’s Barn Dance days of the ‘80s and ‘90s. (Mack, who emceed those weekly events at the Palomino, was also in attendance.)


Photos by Leslie Campbell